Coir Piths

Coir Pith blocks and briquettes Coir pith as soil substitutes As a filter for pollutant gas in industries

Coir Geotextiles

The single biggest factor that destabilizes the environment and even brings about climatic changes is the erosion of soil. But […]

Coir Tiles

Coir tiles are an innovative design that gives you the look of a tiled floor with the natural goodness of […]


To transform the look of room, to enhance its beauty and to create space where there is none, there is […]

Rubberised coir Products

Rubberised coir is the wonder product born out of the magical properties of two of natures finest gifts-Rubber and Coir. […]

Coir Rugs

Coir rugs will enhance the beauty of any part of the interior. A real fancy item, available in a wide […]

Coir Mattings

Coir mattings make the ideal furnishings for floors, stairs, corridors, wallpanelings, and ceiling lines. They are available with or without […]

Coir Yarn

The largest supplier of quality Coir yarn, Coirfed specializes in the finest varieties. The skilled workers, using their traditional skill […]